What is SafeMoon Crypto (SAFEMOON)?

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SafeMoon Cryptoi s a decentralized finance (DeFi) token. According to the SafeMoon website, SafeMoon has three functions that occur during each trade: reflection, LP acquisition and burn.

The SafeMoon Crypto is a combination of RFI Toconomics and an automated liquidity generation protocol. According to an article, SafeMoon plans to develop a non-fungible token (NFT) exchange as well as charity projects and crypto-educational apps. With the SafeMoon Crypto, token holders will earn more SAFEMOON depending on how many coins they have. It can be up to 80% APY, which is staggering compared to traditional interest-bearing accounts. The SafeMoon Cryptowill gain value over time thanks to its coin burning strategy, making it a deflationary digital currency.

The SafeMooon Crypto will expand to include an NFT marketplace and coin launchpad that will allow users to create their own cryptocurrency through the platform. SafeMoon Crypto has an ambitious roadmap thanks to its growing popularity, and they want to list on leading exchanges, launch a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and increase their contribution by the end of 2021.

Who Are the Founders of SafeMoon Crypto?

John Karony is the CEO at SafeMoon, according to his Twitter profile.

What Makes SafeMoon Crypto?

The SafeMoon white paper notes that a prime hassle withinside the rising DeFi enterprise is the life of excessive APY LP-bureaucracy that aren’t effortlessly available to inexperienced persons to the space.

With SafeMoon, they plan to apply the concept of ​​static rewards (making the praise conditional at the token’s buying and selling volume) to put off any pressure at the token which can arise whilst the token is sold. As well, the white paper notes that their “mirror mechanism” creates an incentive for Safe Moon holders to preserve their tokens longer, or HODL. SafeMoon’s Automatic LP additionally provides balance to the protocol with the aid of using imparting a charge floor/cushion for token holders. SafeMoon’s guide burn method allows SafeMoon token holders with inside the lengthy run, in line with their white paper.